Now more than ever, contamination prevention matters.
Create a sterile procedural environment with our range of Anti-Contamination Management™ (ACM) Initiatives.

A History of Hygiene

Any treatment that punctures the skin requires strict infection control to prevent cross-infection. Harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses can spread between the patient and practitioner if you don’t follow sterile/aseptic procedures or use unsanitary equipment.

DermapenWorld™ has always placed immense importance on education, protocols, hygiene (sterile procedures), and PPE equipment for the safety of both practitioners and patients. The core business of our sister company Equipmed has been involved in infection control for almost 20 years.

Preventing contamination risk has been the driving force behind developing our range of ACM Initiatives.

Triple-level protection

There are 3 factors to consider for effective contamination prevention during microneedling procedures: patient, practitioner and device. Each ACM product protects your patient and clinic across these multiple touchpoints for triple-level protection.

Expert Testimonials

Cleansing and disinfecting the skin not only in preparation for cosmetic procedures but also throughout and post-op is extremely important. You want to use the best product that is going to deliver the best results, with the best recovery time, in order to minimise the risk of infection. CLINIPREP represents a revolution and is a game-changer to skin disinfection.

Dr Olga Carreras

Cosmetic Doctor, Russia

For any aesthetic practitioner, limiting the risk of infection in patients should be a fundamental focus of delivering treatment. CLINIPREP allows wound healing to occur more quickly, reduces facial redness in sensitised skin and is non-cytotoxic. This is important as I treat many facial injectable patients who struggle with sensitised skin and rosacea, which becomes irritated and inflamed following skin disinfection using alcohol-based skin preparation solutions.

Dr. Andrew R. Christie-Schwarz

Global Microneedling Specialist, France

Sterile Packaging & Production

If you needle a product into the skin, it will go in. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Product purity must be ensured with airless aseptic or sterile packaging to ensure procedural safety and patient duty of care.

Our Dp Dermaceuticals™ are pharmaceutically developed within a GMP facility to the highest standard. Aseptic packaging and bio-compatible conservation systems ensure ingredient purity, stability and intensity.

Dp Dermaceuticals Meso-Glide™ solutions are safe to infuse into the skin.

Ultimate Safe Microneedling Devices

Dermapen 4

Dermapen 4 NEEDLE CARTRIDGES are equipped with ACM technology, and enter the skin vertically and rapidly, delivering superior results with ultimate safety and comfort.

Dermapen INFUSE

For the controlled delivery of active meso-solutions, the PINPOINT 7 and MESO-GLIDE NEEDLE CARTRIDGES are both equipped with ACM technology. 

Dermapen INJECT

Precisely and effortlessly deliver active solutions. The patented Intelligence Vacuum System™ (IVM) seals the injection site, ensuring 0% drug loss.

Veel gestelde vragen

What does ACM stand for?
ACM stands for Anti-Contamination Management. It covers our range of contamination prevention technology and products and PPE gear that protect you and your patients.
Why did you create this range?

One thing that has consistently set Dermapen Benelux apart has been the stringent measures we go to, ensuring that any clinic that uses our products has everything they need to provide the safest and most sterile treatments. Even before the global pandemic, we invested heavily in our range of Anti-Contamination Management (ACM) initiatives, including PPE masks and gloves. We consider every single touchpoint that could put your skin, wellbeing and safety at risk and, in response, have created a range of solutions that deflect the chances of cross-contamination.

Why is ACM such a revolutionary concept in needle cartridges?

The risks involved with Dermapen alternatives, such as microneedling with a generic device or derma rolling, are that pathogenic contaminants can enter the cartridge of the device during the procedure and pose a risk of cross-contamination. As with any procedure, you need to take precautions when choosing whether it’s right for you and whether there are any potential risks. The Dermapen 4 NEEDLE CARTRIDGE offers unrivalled safety and protection guaranteed. No fluid backflow, no cross-contamination, and no drag.

What are some of the dangers of cross-contamination?

Any treatment that punctures the skin requires the strictest infection control to prevent cross-infection. Harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses can spread between the patient and practitioner if sterile/aseptic procedures are not followed or if unsanitary equipment is used. As little as a naked finger touching a piece of equipment and then a face during a procedure can cause damage to your patient’s health and wellbeing. And could end up costing you dearly.

How does the ACM range deflect the risk of contamination?

As part of our company policies, Dermapen and Dp Dermaceuticals place huge importance on education, protocols and hygiene (sterile procedures) for the safety of both our practitioners and patients. Our contamination prevention series offers triple-level protection to support safe microneedling procedures, by mitigating the risk of contaminants from the patient, practitioner and device for ultimate procedural safety.

Are there any environmental considerations?

We care about the environment and are always looking for ways to create more sustainable products. Our ECO-GREEN DISPOSABLE EXAMINATION GLOVES are fully biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about more landfill. The ACM PROTECTION MASK is economical, eco-friendly and reusable. The special 99.99% antibacterial transparent film with special anti-fog session can be washed ready for your next appointment.

How can I purchase ACM initiatives?

Our Authorised Treatment Providers place orders with their local DermapenWorld Distributor. Find out more about how to become an Authorised Treatment Provider.